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About The Author

In 2023, Sophie Burrus-M├╝ller, began a new chapter in her life. She finally realized a long-cherished dream of hers by writing and publishing her own book titled “…And Why Not?” This insightful work showcases Sophie’s art as well as her personal experiences and valuable lessons learned on her journey from a conventional career to a more fulfilling path of creativity and self-expression.

Embark on a journey of wonder and self-discovery with Sophie’s latest creations. Indulge in the infinite landscapes of time and emotion that her paintings offer, and let the vivid hues and compelling narratives that define her unique style guide you through the experience. Join Sophie as she shares her personal journey of breaking free from a well-carved path to pursue her true calling.

About The Artist

From the tender age of three, art has been a constant companion, guiding Sophie through a life enriched by color and expression.
Sophie is a talented artist who has had the privilege of experiencing diverse cultures and landscapes. Born in Switzerland and raised in Latin America, her art reflects a beautiful blend of her roots and her experiences. Having honed her skills for over a decade in Dubai and Switzerland, Sophie brings a unique and intuitive perspective to every canvas she touches.

Sophie’s story is truly inspiring. In 2021, she took a bold step and left the corporate world to follow her heart and passion for painting. And it was all worth it. Her stunning collection has brought joy, color, and a sense of fulfillment to so many lives. It’s amazing how one bold decision can lead to such a beautiful transformation.